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Thread: System.allowDomain www prefix

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    System.allowDomain www prefix

    Okay, I've encountered this in AS2 too. I'm sure others have as well.

    I have DomainA loading an SWF with a loader object from the same DomainA.

    Everything works fine, but if I try loading www.DomainA.com/a.swf from www.DomainA.com/b.swf , it only works (when I publish it) if I'm on www.DomainA.com/b.swf. If I go to DomainA.com/b.swf (without the www), I get a Security error.

    I've tried Security.allowDomain("*") on both SWF's and it doesn't seem to be working.

    Any ideas?

    *Edit: I forgot to say that I have a crossdomain file located on www.DomainA.com/crossdomain.xml that allows * domains.
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