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Thread: Particle fountain, gravity and repulsion

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    Particle fountain, gravity and repulsion

    I want to create a perpetual motion fountain, where the same particles are moved around, not old ones removed and new ones added (like most files i have found). Please see (crude) picture showing flight of 1 partcile:

    Picture shows the "flight" of one particle, thought there will be around 20 in the final thing.

    Ive messed about with so many bits of code im totally at a loss. Im hoping for some pointers here. Got a really tight turn about for this, so any help muchly appreciated. Please?!

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    So essentially you want the particles to travel approximately in a circle?

    IMO The fastest way to pull this off is to create "Regions" where a force is applied. Ex, if a particle is within this area, it gets pushed upwards, if a particle is within this other area it gets pushed downwards. Proper placement of the forces should allow you to recycle the particles without any going missing.
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    Hey there,

    thanks for the tip. Ill try and implement today, it appears that I am trying to overcomplicate things! Ill be back it I have any problems!


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