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Basic action format - inside an actions tag - is either one byte (values in the 1-127 range), or one byte (values in the 128-255 range), followed by two length bytes, followed by data. Looking at simple example, you would need to handle at least geturl, loadvariables, push, and constants.

I don't understand exactly how is this, I tryed to take the data direct on your function:

PHP Code:
function readtag()
$res=new object();
$res->type=$val >> 6;
$res->nbytes=$val 63;
$res->nbytes == 63)
        if (
$res->type==12) {
        while (
$res->nbytes>$this->bufbits) {
            if (
$data['bytes']) $data['data']=fread($this->fp$data['bytes']);
        elseif (
But don't work allways, have problems to read lengths inside an actions tag for each action.

I need to replace the name of variables and functions to obfuscate the swf files, have many swf files cannot use Flash program for this becouse is very hard.