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Thread: [show] Bridgerunner

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    [show] Bridgerunner

    I highly recommend reading the instruction before you play. Highly.

    Also, playing in cheater-mode might be best.


    This is the longest flash game on the internet, with 50-100 hours worth of gameplay, depending on how you play. If you don't cheat that is

    I'm not sure what else to say. Make sure to read all the text I guess...

    Also, this uses Q-Rious's new api: http://board.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=760276

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    Maybe this is tiredness speaking but this has to be the worst, nicely presented game I've seen.

    I also I've found a bug. Because I didn't want to read the crap everytime you meet a troll, I kept on pressing next everytime. When I got to the 'stoopid' head troll, the text stopped appearing. Normally if I didn't answer a question it would say 'just answer the question' but it seems this is not in the 'stoopid' troll bridge section. Or perhaps its a feature of the game to simply stop.

    a pointless game

    Oh I must say, I did like the music
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    Graphics and animation are awsome. Nice job. The gameplay itself is not very clear. I'm not sure I will spend 100 hours to complete it. Ths is maybe too much for a flash gaem.
    If I understand well, the game itself is dedicated to regsitered members of the site, because you can game experience points from it ?

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    Only achievements like on the xbox360. The game is the same for everyone, when you start the game up you can see there are only 4 achievements for this game, apart from that it should play exactly the same for everyone.

    I think the humor is great but the gameplay itself is a bit bland. Very nice to play in cheat mode though.
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    @ Cortana
    ha ha! Thanks...I think...but yes, it's supposed to be bad.

    Nah, the xp thing is really an added bonus if you happen to go on the site. Most of the achievements are next to impossible to get anyway.

    Thanks, and as I've discussed before, the gameplay is intentionally bland.

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    Captain, the score text in the corner doesn't use your lovely pixel font. If I am to play for 100 hours I need my pixel font Also believe is misspelled and below the game, it says "show of your game" where I believe it should be "take OFF your undies", right?
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    Heh well that's a lot of work for a simple joke but it's refreshing to see that some people don't take game development too seriously. I bet you're one of those guys who finished Penn & Tellers Desert Bus

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    @ phreax
    Your absolutely right! I have no idea what text you're talking about, but whatever it is, it should say "take off your undies"

    @ hatu
    Who's to say I didn't program Desert Bus

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    This game's a fun joke, I like the humor. I just wish there was more "game" to it.

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