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Thread: FLV Component Mute Button Off by Default

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    FLV Component Mute Button Off by Default

    I want to set the FLV component Mute button off by default. I have seen this question asked across many forums but not answered.

    All the literature I read it only tells you how to associate the mute button with the video clip but not how to control it. The only control is the volume. When set to 0 overrides any toggle of the mute button and keeps the sound off.

    ex. videoclip.muteButton = mute; //mute being instance name of the mute button component

    Can someone give me any direction on how to set the default to mute.

    Thank You, Jacob

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    Hi Jacob

    I got the same problem liked you before. Now I already fixed it.
    I'm not sure that you can do already or not. Anyway if you still need help please
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    so what did you do to fix this issue?

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