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Thread: Movie Announcer Guy Project HELP!!!

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    Movie Announcer Guy Project HELP!!!

    I have project where I need to show thumbnails of movie posters and on mouseover play a related audio file (mp3), these movie posters (about 25) need to populate in a grid in either Alpha order or Chron order and need to be updated once every 3 months. Anyone done something like this before??? Hey Mr. T!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whispers
    Whats the part your having problems on??
    Where I am having problems is showing a preloader over the poster image while it loads the mp3 file.

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    are you familiar with using a sound object?

    this should be a fairly simple task to do using a sound object as it should be easy to trace out/display the totalBytes vs bytesLoaded..

    you can also set the MP3 to stream so once there there is enough loaded to play..it starts

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