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Thread: Simple XML problem with children with the same name

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    Simple XML problem with children with the same name

    I want flash to trace this:

    <myxml version="1.0">
    <promotion promotion-id="666">
    <answer value="answer1"/>
    <answer value="answer2"/>
    </myxml >
    so i do this in flash ac3

    var sendAns:XML = <myxml />;
    sendAns.@version = "1.0";
    sendAns.promotion.@["promotion-id"] = _nPromoID;
    sendAns.promotion.answer.@value = "answer1"
    sendAns.promotion.answer.@value = "answer2";

    trace (sendAns);
    The trace only shows 1 answer

    <myxml version="1.0">
    <promotion promotion-id="666">
    <answer value="answer1"/>
    I understand the problem of it over-riding answer but something like this doesnt work:

    sendAns.promotion.answer[0].@value = "answer1"
    sendAns.promotion.answer[1].@value = "answer2"

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    there is a semi colon missing on line 4 of the example - is this in your code? i dont know as3, but it might not be tolerent of that!?

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    Have you tried
    sendAns.promotion.appendChild(<answer value="answer1"/>);
    sendAns.promotion.appendChild(<answer value="answer2"/>);
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