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Thread: After some feedback on a portfolio concept!

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    After some feedback on a portfolio concept!

    Hey there,

    I'm just playing around with some ideas for a digital portfolio of my work, just wanted to post a concept and ask for some feedback, positive or negative. It's just a concept at the moment, but wanted some opinions from guys and gals in the know before I took it any further.
    I haven't decided on any graphics for it yet, like I said it's just in the concept stage, so I'm looking for feedback on the concept rather than the aesthetics!

    Thanks a lot for any input you may offer!


    ps. only the ball PRINT link is set up to work at the moment, the other two balls aren't active
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    I think its quite good technically (at least it seems for me). But...! The bouncing balls menu is a little bit annoying, to see them moving all the time.

    Also, the H circle (back to menu), maybe should only appear after the page is fully loaded? And be carefull, cause after clicking on a thumbnail, the H button is clickable, so it means that I return to the menu seeing the image on the top layer =S
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    Hey thanks for the reply! I appreciate your feedback. The H button is just there temporarily to be honest, I'd come up with a different idea for the home button if I developed the concept. It's still rough as it's a concept though. I'm undecided about the ball menu, I think once it has other graphics on the page it could work, I just thought it was quite a unique idea for a menu system.

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    It's more of a demo than a portfolio - as a portfolio it's a bit annoying. Portfolio's should be simple and clean and elegant. Your's is a bit hectic. There's no reason it can't be an example of your technical and inventive skills INSIDE your portfolio though.

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    animations always make me hate flash- imo. better would be smal and nifty animations instead of slow animations (slow = anything greater than 2 seconds).
    Internet is still a information medium and flash is no exception if you want to use it for your portfolio. What matters as content are the pictures and or videos later anything else that distracts will only confuse the user and or get annoyed.

    I like however the cube fade in animation (though it could be slightly faster) but the balls imo. distract to much.
    I like to think of most Flash projects I work on as Arcade machines - as soon as the user clicks it skips jumps you instantly or very quickly to the desired information with quick but impressive transitions. If the user gets the feeling that he is watching a linear movie then there is something imo. wrong.

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