I've googled this error a ton but haven't found anything relevant yet. I'm in an AS 3.0 class (as in a room with people and a teacher and text books and lectures .. not a class file) and we're all getting the same errors.

Basically we all have to create a file with 10 buttons. Each button needs to go to a new frame. On that frame we have a separate actionscript 3.0 code that does something (for this question, I do not think it matters... each script on each frame has to show off a different AS 3.0 code that proves we've learned something).

So let's say we have 11 frames. Frame 1 has the navigation and the intro. Frames 2-11 each have a stop(); and a new code.

So each frame has different content (except for the background and navigation buttons which are consistent on all frames).

The problem is that on one frame we have an ENTER_FRAME on a movie clip that points to a specific function. On that particular frame it works fine but once you navigate to a new frame on the timeline - the function continues to run in the background and we get the "#1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference" error. (I assume it's because on the new frame the content from the previous frame no longer exists. By content I mean the movie_clips/buttons/etc..)

Once the functions start to run on top of each other in the background - the entire SWF just devolves and breaks down because it's trying to do too many things at once.

removeListener seems like the obvious answer but on each new frame it generates an error because it can't see the content from the previous frame on which the Listener was added. Putting it on the navigation button codes doesn't seem to work either.

Any theoretical suggestions?