OK, this isn't exactly a game, but I figure you guys are the most likely to know the answer. I want to make a simple desktop egg timer exe in flash.

There are lots of swf 2 exe type converter programs out there, and I'm having trouble finding the right one, going through feature lists, downloading trials etc.

What I am looking for - hopefully something that is cheap, free, or has an uncrippled trial with no splash screen, but mostly one that supports basic windows functions.

Here's my wish list:
- Change the contents of the title bar on the fly, so that it updates the taskbar title when minimized.
- Remove maximize button from title bar, or remove title bar & window frame entirely.
- Disable manual window resize &/or control window size in code
- transparency

Basically, I want to make a desktop widget sort of thing that behaves like winamp in many ways, as far as it's interactions with windows.

So, anyone know of a swf to exe tool that allows this?