Ta tidenburg, but I'm not sure what you mean about the collisions ?

nuke, it's just to make our lives more difficult mate

Tony, thanks for the opera feedback, and yeah the look on his face when running around on fire made me giggle first time I saw it.

Cheers Mr M and Kris.

"I found it a little slow-moving and samey at first though"

That's what I was worried about too. I found it really tricky trying to get the difficulty right.

In terms of movement, that was the biggest internal debate we had. I think I mentioned it before but it was built around the F9 beta's, so it was silky smooth and ran like a megadrive game.
The plan was to make it so it rocked on the faster beta players, and just hope the final release version came out before, or soon after it was released.
Then people playing with the older versions wouldn't have such a great experience, but quick adoptors of the latest version would, and as a game it would last longer as it was targetted at a "higher" spec. version of Flash.

Of course that kinda came crashing down when Adobe released the final version running at a fraction of the speed of the betas ( And my recent obsession with wmode to get it running again as it should ).

By then though, it was far too late to back track. Major lesson to be learnt there about relying on beta software ( Common sense in hindsight ).

In terms of look and feel, in-game it's great, but I think the front-end could have done with a bit more love, we just ran out of budget ( Which was my fault by over delivering too much. Point proving and all that ).

bomesar, yeah that's normal. It's only on level 4 where you're collecting candy instead of trash ( Check me out sounding all American ) that it doesn't reset.
It's really worth while collecting all the trash, even if you lose a life, if you want to get a really big score

Thanks again everyone for the continued interest. As always if anyone has any techy or design questions then feel free.