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Thread: XML to Database

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    XML to Database

    I am now using SQLXML to load XML file into a SQLServer database.

    Here is how it works -

    XML(Data) + XSD(Schema) -->

    through MS SQLXML COM program (EXE) -->



    I though XML Schema is used for defining what kind of Element or
    attribute should appear in an XML document right?

    But from above example, XSD schema can also used to describe how XML
    document should be map to a Database table too???

    Then XSD can be think of a document that describe how One want to
    manipulate a specific XMLfile?

    So, XSD schema to be used to describe anything about data manipulate
    of an XML???

    Why not just use another XML to describe how to map data to database table??

    One can define a custom XML to describe on table mapping right??

    Why one need to study the XSD schema syntax (which is very complex) then use XSD to define the mapping to tables?

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    I don't see how your questions ( all 3 ) relate to Flash

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    How Do I Use XML? [MSXML]


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