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Thread: Flash pros. I have a propsition for you. (paid opportunity for flash animators)

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    Flash pros. I have a propsition for you. (paid opportunity for flash animators)

    Ok listen

    I am willing to pay for a few projects that are quite easy and are pretty much two minute animations.

    Everybody's familiar with final fantasy X

    am I correct?

    Well what I need is two things for now.

    Though there will be many other opportunity's

    The first thing is the suteki da ne scene which can be seen here.


    The second is the arriving in luca scene which can be seen here this one is only 33 seconds


    If anybody is up for the job post how much you would be satisfied with for making one or the other or both.

    And We will start the payment process immediately via paypal for your convenience so whos up for it?

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    Moved to the Flash Freelance Forum, where paid solicitations should be posted.

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    I am confused on what you want specifically...

    Are you wanting people who have the game to go in and record those scenes? Or are you wanting us to get the video files off of youtube? Please ********

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