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Thread: SimpleButton - problem with movieclips in my display states

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    SimpleButton - problem with movieclips in my display states

    I've never really bothered using simplebutton before, but I decided to give it a try for my current project. The different display states (downState, upState etc) are movieclips that are in the library with classes associated with them so I can easily change text colors and values of the labels.

    My problem is that I have a movieclip inside each that has a range of different icons to show. I can access this movieclip, and apply a color transform to it, but I can't get it to go to the correct frame because every time the simplebutton goes to a new state it makes the movieclip play.

    Is there a solution to this? Or do I need to do some arcane workaround, or switch the button to being a movieclip?

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    Easiest solution in my opinion: switch the button to being a movieclip
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