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Thread: [F8] Subtitling a movie clip.

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    [F8] Subtitling a movie clip.

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out.
    I need to make a DVD interface for my animations, and I have a 'Play All', 'Episode Selection' and 'Extras' feature but I'd like to add subtitles to my main animation.
    I'd like an option that turns them on or off on the main menu, I dont want to put subtitles on all the time.
    Is there a piece of script available that when on click the 'On button' would mean that when 'Play All' or 'Episode' was played it would play a movie clip with subtitles that I had previously made?
    Would it be easier to have a 'Subtiles' option on the main menu that then opened up the same 'Play All' etc but then played the subtitled versions?
    Thanks for reading.

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    this might not be what u are looking for.....

    u could create a variable "sub" and when "subtitles on" is clicked say assign "1" to the variable "sub"....

    then when u click on "play all" or "episode" check if "sub == 1" and if it is show subtitles and if its is not dont show the subtitles....

    hope this is of help...might not be what u are looking for

    showing subtitles can be as easy as having a text box and making it visible or invisible....

    your_subtitles._visible = true} ///subtitles on

    your_subtitles._visible = false} ///subtitles off
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