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Thread: [F8] sounds playing all at once in flash slide presentation

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    [F8] sounds playing all at once in flash slide presentation

    I am pulling my hair out. I am working on a presentation in flash 8 using the slide presentation screens. I need to add narration to each slide, so i am adding a different mp3 sound from the library to each screen. I assumed that the sound would play when the corresponding slide was viewed (e.g. sound 1 and slide 1) and stop when moving to the next slide, and the next audio file relating to the next slide, would then start to play. This happens after moving on from slide 1 to slide 2 (slide 2 has no audio), but from slide 3, the sound file plays but does not stop when moving to slide 4, and slide 4's audio file then starts playing while the previous audio file continues. its a big mess.

    I added 'stop' script to each slide's timeline on the audio layer, but it is ignored.

    someone please help, i have spent days on this. i thought slide presentation format would be easy.

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    try stopAllSounds(); at the end of each slide
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