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Thread: Flash Screen Border

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    Flash Screen Border

    Can somebody please help!! How can I create a border that first get screen size then makes a border based on the screen size?
    Example: http://www.abitarebaleri.it/

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    You're on a roll dude. Three questions asked in the chat only Coffee Lounge, none were answered simply because it's not a place for Flash help. The Coffee Lounge, while probably being one of the more popular places at Flashkit, it's just for generic chat.

    With that said, I'll move this thread for you, and hope that one of the resident Flashkit gurus will answer your question.

    Good luck. And in the future, ask your question(s) in the proper location. That way, it will get answered and not ignored.

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    he actually already made a thread in this subforum, located here. I think having two threads might make it a bit confusing, personally I'd just remove this one, or lock it so he knows for future reference not to post these questions where he did
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