Very confused

I will try to explain this and I hope that someone will be able to help me out.
I purchased a template 17924 from When I originally got it, the little movie in the template had a country lawn with a tree at night gradually changing to a day and sun would rise. When the day reached its peak, white clouds and birds were flying by in the sky above the image. I changed the image to a city and made images so that it kind of looked similar and it worked fine. I did not upload it to a server and I kept it at the local HD. I brought home a copy so that I could continue to work on it.
Then the something happened and the movie is starting from day and ending at night (!), and now it goes from day and ending at night. Now it is changed and it goes from night today to bright day and then it is changed to a desert kind of a heat red haze. The problem is that it is on all the computers and the templatemonster site the same. How is it possible? I tried to clear cache or rename the movie clip, nothing happened. I am very confused and frustrated with what is happening. Any suggestions please?