Hey all,
Over the past couple of years or so we've seen some great technical advancements in Flash development which has allowed developers to take full advantage of utilizing the entire browser window for creating a truly interactive, full-screen Flash experience. Today, this trend couldn't more apparent as just about every major design house is incorporating some iteration of a liquid layout into their personal and client sites respectively, which has allowed us, the enthusiasts and designers alike, to really benefit from some very intriguing creative work. This tool has seemingly raised the bar in terms of interactive web design, and has allowed the designer to step outside the confines of graphic parameters and completely explore the extent of their imaginations.

However, I think this trend has also taken a turn in the direction of fad. One of the things that initially attracted me to graphic/web design was the idea of creating this specific, aesthetically interesting space to which one could navigate within and interact with its' content. Much of the 'design' I'm seeing today is truly lacking any graphical fortitude. Many sites, while functionally sound, are not at all visually designed. It appears that we have more people interested in developing as opposed to designing....? Perhaps the contrast between the developer and the designer? But I think the two worlds can be combined..... I'd just hate to see the creativity disappear, while the technology improves.