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Thread: Let's have a definitve answer here!

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    I hear this question asked all the time on FlashKit, and I want to know the answer.

    Can you load a movie into another movie in a specific place using the loadMovie function?

    In other words, can you take movie A and load it into movie B at a specific location, say X & Y coordinates or a target.

    Usually, I have to make movie A and B the same size and position them to make the content on movie A appear where I want it.

    Please, if you know the answer, post it here. Not just for me, but for all of FlashKit.

    This thread can be referenced to each time this question comes up.

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    Yes very good of you... Hope there will be an answer soon..
    I suggest we all cary this around in our footer so everyone will see this !

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    good idea...changing footer now!!

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    Yes. The swf will load with it's top left corner in the center of the mc. To Set the x,y position set the x,y of the mc you are loading into... ~ mgb

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    Definitive answer

    Yes you can and it doesn't matter if you load into a layer ora target clip.

    Load up your movie on a layer, then on the next frame or later manipulate the layer using setProperty (_layer1, blah blah) to set the _x and _y.

    Position an empty Movie clip on the stage and call it 'target'. Put the center of the clip where you want the center of the loaded clip to be. Then load your movie into y our target clip, 'target'.



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