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Thread: [RESOLVED] Outsourcing small - EASY - projects - not intended for us professionals

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Outsourcing small - EASY - projects - not intended for us professionals

    1-2 projects per week.

    You must speak fluent english and be able to customize flash templates.
    Just looking for one person that I can rely on every week.

    Projects take about 8-12hrs to complete. Pay is $100-$150 per project.

    Ideal for either a student OR subcontractors that are out of the US.

    It's easy work for someone that knows how to switch out pictures, text, adding a form here or there, do a little occasional photo-editing, and add a custom pre-loader. Sometimes you'll need to add a gallery section...remove parts of a template etc. But everything is based on templates and the extra stuff is all basically cut-and-paste if you know what you're doing.

    There's no sophisticated / original programming or animation required.

    You can reach me at dedeburn@yahoo.com

    These are small 5-6 page flash sites that are customized and bandwidth optimized from existing Flash templates.

    The projects vary in scope and technical requirements but in general:

    a) Take between 8-14hrs - less if you work faster than me
    b) Involve swapping out text, pictures, changing some parts of action-script code to occasionally add a form or email form
    c) Require SOME photo-editing to change graphics or a background
    d) Removing excess from the old files to optimize download time
    e) Rearranging of some parts of the site, changing fonts, etc. It's not JUST swapping out text...but tailoring it to the clients needs.
    f) I will provide detailed instructions as well as the templates and jpeg images that i've drawn on to explain what changes the client wants.

    50% upfront 50% upon completion of the job.

    There is room for growth in frequency for these projects.

    *** YOU are working on ONE project. This in essence will be a test of our ability to work together. If I like the work you do, your ability and attitude then I will hire you indefinitely.
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    dont know if u check pms so ...


    I own a Digital design studio here in Brazil, we have a good team with graphic designers, web developers, programmers and art directors that can make some really nice stuff, if you want u can check our work at www.cricketdesign.com.br

    We make from games, sites, 2d animations, to adds and 3D modeling...

    As we are here in Brazil we can be very competitive on price, but still with a lot of quality.

    If you have interest please contact me my e-mail is rafael@cricketdesign.com.br

    Can u tell me more about the job? Deadline, payment, aspects..?

    "life is interactive"

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