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Thread: Advice on site please

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    Advice on site please

    Hi All,

    Have made a personal site, however it takes FOREVER to load. I know there are quite a few threads on this but have not found one that I can use as I'm not too sure why it's loading slowly in the first place. I have a preloader, but even that takes forever to show up.

    I use the loadmovie script to show my gallery pic, they are all seperate swfs of an average of 190kb each. My Video files are all (save one or 2) flvs average 20mb.

    Is there a way to make this faster?

    Pleas advise!!! Am not very good with the action script part of flash, so please be patient

    Here is my link


    remember, if it looks blank please just leave it for awhile, it should begin to load.

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    Well, I know this isn't going to exactly help your issue at hand, but I can give you a suggestion for what to do with your flv's. Instead of having them download when they click, it should open up a new page and have an swf with an embedded flv. If you're using flash 8 or above, just go File > import video, and then a box will pop up. Go through that process, choosing Stream from web, and the .flv should play a LOT faster! Be sure to include the playback bar swf when you upload to your site.

    I dunno why your site loads so slowly... the preloader didn't even pop up until 23%. Perhaps your server is slow? Or perhaps your preloader isn't isolated on a frame by itself. All I can suggest is you lower the quality, which sounds like a crappy thing to do, and crappy advice. Hopefully someone will come through and be able to help you out more than I did
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    Thank you very much for the advice and bothering to even wait for the download... I am using Flash MX proffesional, version 7... but I will try the embedded FLV thing, it won't have the playing contols then though would it?

    would I then be calling the swf into the _blank when i click the button?

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