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Thread: drag and drop quiz - why do targets keep appearing in subsequent quiz questions?

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    drag and drop quiz - why do targets keep appearing in subsequent quiz questions?

    I'm trying to create an e-learning quiz that will be a series of drag and drop questions (one per page). The user will be asked a question and will have 8 images visible, but only one of them is correct. So, there are 8 drags to one target.

    When the user drags an incorrect image to the target, a text image appears that says to try again, and the image will return to its original location. When the correct question is dragged to the target, a button appears that will take them to the next question. Everything was working until I started to create question 2. I created new drag and drop instances for question 2, but it seems that the images from question 1 continue to be visible in the subsequent question(s) when testing my movie. Depending on how many choices I try to drag before I pick the correct answer in question 1, I also find that some of the button states are no longer active in question 2. What I am doing wrong?

    I'm new to AS3 and actionscript in general. Part of my code is based on this tutorial: http://www.monkeyflash.com/flash/drag-and-drop-in-as3/.

    I'm attaching my .fla file in hopes this will help others who are having the same problem.
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