I'm experienced AS2 veteran who needs quick migration to AS3 so I need to know if there is some better solution to call movie clip inside of other clip than "getChildByName". When I manually create movie clip ("clip_1" for example) on the stage using flash IDE and place another movie clip ("clip_2") inside of first one I can call clip_2 via dot between objects: clip_1.clip_2.x=100. But if I wanna do this dynamically I will have to create new library item and give it "clip_2" linkage (class name) so it will be this way:

clip_1 = new MovieClip();
clip_1.addChild(new clip_2);

so is there another way of calling dynamically created (nested) movie clip then 'getChildByName'? Also I need to know if it is possible to name new clip instance created via addChild() during its creation. Something like clip_1.addChild(new clip_2,"clip_2")?