Hi there,

Im working on this file, which is relatively small in size, but for some reason there's a movieclip inside that makes flash take a reallyyyyy long time to test the movie. I'm talking about a minute, every single time i click ctrl-enter to test my movie i have to wait close to a minute.

The swf size is around 230KB, which is nothing. And the .fla file is around to Megs.

The problem i think, is a movieclip which doesn't have any animations or anything heavy, and when i remove this movieclip, the 'exporting flash movie' takes almost 5 seconds. So it has to be that movie clip. Now, i have NO idea why it is behaving like that.

I thought then about just loading the movieclip through actioscript and saving it as a separate swf, the problem is that my menu is xml and i cant assign actions to it. I can load the movieclip when it gets to a certain frame, but i don't know how to make it disappear when im not on that frame.

Anyways, i hope someone can help me here and give me an idea into why a simple movieclip could make flash so slow while trying to test it.

Thanks in advance.