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Thread: [CS3] Photo Gallery

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    [CS3] Photo Gallery

    I wanted to load the photo gallery inside the frame I just make in photoshop. I wanted to load in the white part. As for the stroller, I wanted the wheel to spin not the whole stroller to spin. How do you do that? After the stroller goes from right to left and then left to right, I wanted the stroller to stop but the wheel keeps spinning. Please advised me how to do that. I'm a novice and spend hours to figure it out but still can't. Help please!!!

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    You need to make the wheels into separate movie clips, or graphics.

    Nest them inside the movieclip you made for the pram, then you can animate them separately from the rest of the pram, whilst they will still be attached to it.

    As to loading photos into the frame you made in photoshop...that depends entirely on how you would like to display your photos! I'd need more details to help you out there.

    Incidentally, you'd probably benefit from doing a bit of reading around the subject of movieclips and timeline animation in general. I used a great book when I was learning "the basics", which you can pick up fairly cheaply on Amazon.com:



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