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Thread: Game Artist

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    I live on this webpage...

    Game Artist

    Hello, I am interested in working with an artist on several projects that I currently have. If you are interested in doing the artwork for games, contact me at tristage [AT] gmail, sending or linking me examples of your past work. After contacting me we can discuss the details, including payment.
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    Email sent

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    hi im currently working with game grafix tjeck my portfolio at www.milked.dk and mail me if you like
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    Hello man!

    I couldnt find you in gmail (sorry about that) but I’m interest on showing you our work.

    I own a Digital Design studio in Brazil, here we have some good artists that could help you a lot in this mater! I would like to take some of you time to show our animation/drawing skills as you can see in:

    1. www.atica.com.br/ser/cartao Here you can see cartoon style with some simple animations

    2. www.cricketdesign.com.br/game Here you can see a HQ style (painted in Photoshop this time, and animated frame by frame in hand)

    3. Please visit our website www.cricketdesign.com.br here you can see our portfolio and if you go to the link “EQUIPE” that means “OUR TEAM” you can see all our employees animated in flash, just click on the faces then put your mouse over the characters to see the animation.

    We have here, web developers, graphic designers, animators, 3D animators, art directors and more. But the good thing is that in Brazil the dollar worth 1,5 times then our paper (Real).

    So we can get to very competitive prices

    Let me know if you want to work with us, I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied!

    Thx in advance,
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