Hi All

I'm struggling a bit with the move from AS2 to AS3. I have loaded up an external SWF file which, in this case, has 58 frames. I then cast it to a MovieClip. I don't want to copy the clip. I want to create 58 instances of the same MovieClip and change each one to show each frame. A copy of each would blow the memory and just be silly. In the old days this worked fine with attachMovie. When I try to do this (see code below) it simply doesn't show up. I can trace the instances and they are unique but the MovieClips don't show up.

Many thanks

I have the following code

var item:MovieClip = MovieClip(loader.getChildAt(0)) as MovieClip;
			for(var i=1; i <= 2;i++){
				var myMC:MovieClip = new ((item.constructor) as Class);
				myMC.x = 0;
				myMC.y = 15 * i;
				myMC.visible = true;