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Thread: [F8] attachMovie (loadMovie) problem

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    [F8] attachMovie (loadMovie) problem

    I have made a quiz that takes place inside of an e-learning. I have a correct and incorrect movie to be shown after the learner has selected an answer for a question. i am running into a problem with the answer not being shown for the first question, even though it shows for other questions, with essentially the same code (i just cut and paste the code, changing a variable number in the middle...). can anyone show me where i might've gone wrong? i attached the fla file if further reference is needed....

    function question1() {
    	//set the question type
    	//show the question number
    	currentQuestionText.text = currentQuestion;
    	//set the question and distractor text
    	questionText.text = "hello baby";
    	answerAText.text = "This is the first response";
    	answerBText.text = "This is the second response";
    	answerCText.text = "This is the third response";
    	answerDText.text = "This is the fourth response";
    	answerEText.text = "This is the fifth response";
    	//set the correct answer
    	multCorrectAnswer = "A";
    	//set the feedback answer for the question
    	correctFeedbackMovie_mc.feedbackHouse_mc.attachMovie ("correct1_mc", "correctshow");
    	incorrectFeedbackMovie_mc.feedbackHouse_mc.attachMovie("incorrect1_mc", "incorrectshow");
    	//if needed, turn on the picture box and load an image for the question
    	questionPictureBox_mc._visible = false;
    	questionPictureBox_mc.loadMovie ("");
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