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Thread: loading many movies in a predermined sequence

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    I have a problem I couldn't find the solution in the tutorial link
    avaiable in the site... If someone could help me, it would be very nice,
    since I don't undertand mutch about programing in flash.
    I have a movie with many layers. In each layer, there's one keyframe and in
    eachone theres a movie clip. When I export this movie, all the movieclips
    start playing at the same time. I would like to be capable of determine
    a sequence of opening this movies, I mean, first I open one of them, and
    then the other, in a sequence I predetermine...
    Is it possible?

    Thank you

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    did you line up your movie clip like this...
    layer1/frame1 : movie clip 1
    layer2/frame1 : movie clip 2

    if you do that, all your movie clip will start/play at the same time.

    Therefore, you have to understand how flash work,

    let say,
    you have 2 movie clips and each of them have 20 frames and you want the movie to play one at a time.
    here is how i normally do,
    layer1/frame1 : movie clip 1
    layer2/frame21 : movie clip 2

    this is because you have to give time for the movie clip 1 to finish(20 frames) then you start the second movie clip.

    hope this help.

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