I've created xml generated drop-down menus with the menuBar component. Works fine, but I can't figure out how to increase the height of the individual menu (subcomponent) items. I can adjust the height (and width) of the menu bar itself - no problem.

However, the default font size (10) in the drop down menus is way too small to be seen on, for example, an interactive whiteboard. Increasing the font size does not increase the row height in the menus. How do I use Action Script to refer to the menus, which are inaccessible subcomponents and therefore (seemingly) can't have instance names applied to them.

I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer to this and yet surely this is pretty fundamental.

My site (still heavily under construction) is at www.linguaflash.co.uk if you want to look at the menu bar in microscopic action ...