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Thread: 3D Bowling game (Papervision and WOW physics engine)

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    Hei, great to see that you guys like the game!

    Regarding performance: We have worked hard to make sure we got the right mix of 3D and 2D for in-game graphics in order to get the visual feeling we were aiming for without killing performance. (Also a "2D mode" that users can fall back on together with reducing stage quality)

    Sorry to those who are not facebook users, currently this is the only place we are publishing the game. More options to come!

    The core of our games is letting friends play together online. Social networks like facebook are great platforms where friends are already connected and communicating together. There are great benefits from a game point of when publishing in social networks, it really brings the players together and makes the multiplayer element more relevant as you are playing with your real friends.

    If you have any ideas for features or see any bugs it would be great to hear!


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    Just had a quick go, wow!

    Even on my sucky work machine it was nice and smooth, and the FB intergration is as sweet as you like.

    Good work.


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    It's really nice, and the action when you throw is perfect. It ran perfectly on my 3 and a half year old machine. I need to go practise.

    The only glitch I had was that I switched it to 2d, then back to 3d just after I had throw and I found myself with a viewpoint inside the back wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squize

    Incrue, so what if you need a high spec. machine ( Although Blink has said you don't ) ? There has to be some progress to push things forward and raise the bar, we can't all just keep targeting our games to run nice on a 1ghz machine any more.
    If feels like the papervision backlash here is nearly as great as the papervision love used to be.

    Maybe is just me, but i think that if i want some decent 3d and i can push users for something, the most logical and realistic way is to push for a decent 3d plugin instead of wanting them to buy new stuff

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