I have a carousel navigation menu that is centered on the screen. When one of the icons is clicked the icon moves to the bottom left of the screen and then loads another movie into the top right side of the screen.

I've gotten all of that to work fine. However, when you click on the navigational icon again in the bottom left corner it's supposed to unload the movie(s) that were in the top right side of the screen and take you back to the navigational menu, which again is centered in the screen. The movies do unload, but there is lag. Because of the lag, when the navigational menu goes back to the center of the screen there is overlap with thoses previously loaded movie.

Is there any way that when a user clicks on the icon to return to the main menu that the loaded movies can fully unload before the navigational menu reappears?

Also, some of the movies that the icon opens actually open movies into additional levels within those movies.

So, the code I am using to unload the movie that's loaded into the container when an icon is clicked is:

holder_mc.unloadMovie (t.holder, [1]);

the code I am using to unload the movies that those movies occasionally bring up is:

unLoadMovieNum (2);
unLoadMovieNum (3);
unLoadMovieNum (4);

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!