Hi Chaps, i wonder if anyone has some thoughts about a project that ive been asked to do....ive got brain ache just thinking about the concept.

The client is a fashion designer, however, just to throw a spanner in the works, the person doesnt want any images of the final product, just the actual conceptual drawings.

The site is to be designed in 3 differant styles, chic, young and business.

The problem i have is that the portfolio of work all looks the same 'style'. The only idea that ive come up with is the to have 'themed' background enviroments, like a design studio table consistsing of the usual object (scissors, measure tape etc), with ....hold your breath....a flip book on the desk of their drawings, therefore the enviroments achieve the style and the client is happy with the presentation of the drawings (believe me the drawings are very good, but they are so dam dominating (colours, sketch marks etc etc).

Really, the last thing i want to do if a flip book, if anyone has any ideas about a possible concept i would love to read your thoughts.

thanks in advance