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Thread: [WIP] Puzzle-Kaboom

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    [WIP] Puzzle-Kaboom

    Thought I would share a nearly completed project called Puzzle-Kaboom. It's a head-to-head puzzle battle game with a fireworks theme. It plays more or less identically to the battle mode of Yoshi's Cookie if you're familiar with that one. The artwork is pretty spartan but its amped with procedural/particle effects, in an effort to cover up my general lack of drawing abilities.

    1. Loads of firework effects (every firework type is has a distinct animation).
    2. Battle against other players with triggerable powerups.
    3. Vacant spots taken by AI players with tunable difficulty and handicap options.
    4. Retro arcade sound effects courtesy of SFXR.
    5. Detailed how to play demo.

    It's nice to finally get this one off my plate - had started it over a year ago and rapidly got it to a playable state, but never skinned it with a theme and proper artwork (such as it is) until this week. I consider it to be more or less a finished project, but here's a list of features that might be added if I ever dig it out again:

    1. Enter initials into a persistent high score table.
    2. Display high score table within "attract loop".
    3. Add more powerup effects. There are 17 of them currently, but a lot of them are just parameterized copies. I'd like suggestions for more unique effects.
    4. Improve AI opponents to deliberately set up combo scores (they do it occasionally on accident).
    5. More sound effects and graphical fluff for powerups - many are too quiet/subtle when triggered.

    Suggestions on which features would contribute most to the game are really appreciated.

    Here's the links:

    SWF only - right click, save to local machine, launch in your own player.

    SWF+source zipped together (no stealing please!)

    Thanks for playing!

    EDIT: Oops, forgot to list the controls - arrow keys(joystick) and space bar(yellow button).
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