Hey guys. I am hoping this is simple but I am stumped. I've checked online and google'd this for a few days but haven't found the answer. I actually found a site that said it had the answer but I had to pay money to sign up as a "premium" member which I didn't really think is worth it.

My problem is that I have a frame that has no buttons or movie clips, just a picture and input text boxes. I want the enter key to move to the next frame when pressed if the conditions are met (ie if the username is correct). I don't even know where to start. I've tried several random codes and created invisible movie clips for those codes but nothing has worked. I won't post those codes because they are so far off that it might confuse someone into helping me why that specific code doesn't work.

Let me know if you need any info.


Have a username input text box where if you type the correct username and press the Enter button it will take you to frame 2. If you type the incorrect name it will stay the same.