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Thread: controlling an external .swf

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    controlling an external .swf

    Some of our clients fire walls block .flv files so we need to load the movie in .swf format so they can see it. My problem is I am having trouble with the play/pause button. It works when I test movie locally but does not work when I upload the files. Here is what I have:

    this is how I load the movie:

    container.loadMovie("http://creative.edulence.com/vids/berkshire/ProVider_Plus_Intro.swf", 2);

    and this is for the buttons:

    pause_btn.onRelease = function() {

    does anyone know why the play/pause is not working when I upload?


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    K - so I was able to get the Play Pause button to work by placing the external .swf file in the same directory as the main .swf. Now I need to be able to listen to that .swf for complete similar to listening to the flvPlayer for complete but the same listener object does not seem to work. This is what I have now:

    function complete(evt:Object):Void {
    providerPlus_mc._visible = true;

    providerPlus_mc.replay_btn.onRelease=function() {
    providerPlus_mc._visible = false;

    mcl = new MovieClipLoader
    mcl.loadClip("ProVider_Plus_Intro.swf", container);

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