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Thread: variable question.

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    variable question.

    Here is my problem.

    I have a main movie timeline. In that movie I have several movie clips that I want to play when a variable is entered in a external movie that I load at level 1.

    When I use this on the main time line.

    if(_level1.coin3 = "1"){

    The movie automatically starts playing.

    When I use this

    if(_level1.coin3 == "1"){

    Nothing happens no matter what variable is put in.

    Anyone know what im doing wrong?
    There should be something here but
    there is still just this, why can I not be more creative in a pinch?

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    = means you are assigning it the value of 1

    == means you checking the equality to 1

    sounds like a path/scope issue.. like the var isnt getting set or checked correctly..

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