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Thread: [CS3] Space Characters in Instance Names? How?!

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    [CS3] Space Characters in Instance Names? How?!

    I am updating my architecture firm's web site and the original site designer's scripts are really slick. He somehow has spaces in Instance Names for some of the links, which also correspond to our company's project names. When I try to edit these names or add new projects with spaces I receive the same message:

    "'ARTIST STUDIO' is not a valid instance name. Please enter an identifier that contains alphanumeric characters, supported symbols, and no whitespace."

    Any ideas? Please help!

    I can repost with any code, if necessary, to help solve this problem. I thought someone might know the solution to this issue without seeing the code I'm working with.

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    Are you sure you have the appropriate instance names made? It sounds like your calling them and they aren't there.

    Make sure you name you Mc's (MovieClips) and give them instance names.

    Hope that helps
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    I'm not sure about anything anymore...

    For reference, the web site I'm updating can be found here:

    The page I'm trying to change is the PROJECTS page.

    In the FLA it has six instances of 'mc_btn_projects'. The instance names for each appear in all caps with spaces in the SWF but in the FLA they all read "PROJECTS".

    The first mc_btn_project instance with the instance name "ARTIST STUDIO" has the following script:
    pID = 1;

    The second one has the same script but the pID = 2, the third's pID = 3, fourth = 4, etc.

    The mc_btn_project instance has three layers and one frame inside of it.

    Layer 3 has actionscript in it:
    project.text = this._name;

    Layer 2 has btn_text_button which is basically a transparent rectangle specifying the hit area. It has the actionscript:
    on (release) {
    _root.project = this._name;
    _root.pID = pID;
    _root.currentImage = 1;

    Layer 1 has a Dynamic Text box that reads PROJECTS (as mentioned above). Its instance name is projects and its Var: is projects. It doesn't have any actionscript.

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