Hi guys...

I have a problem here... i am working at a game called BEATBOX 2 (beatbox 1 sucked so nvm)

it's a game where you have some sounds... wich are activated by keys like "A,B,H,D,F" ... so on

the sounds are specialy edited so they start RIGHT when you press the button
example :

the problem is .. when i export the .swf file and play the game... when i press a button it takes about 0.2 sec. to start the sound.... i really don't want this thing in the final export.

it's all ok and work fine inside the program (when i press play) but at the exported file it's the 0.2 sec. problem

the movie settings looks like this

(nothing compressed)

and you can see a test version .swf here

also i plan to send the final version as a sample for 3dfa :P