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Thread: Help with how to control external swf

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    Help with how to control external swf

    Hello everybody.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    I have a main swf which loads, inside an empty movieclip called "container", 3 external swf (external1.swf, external2.swf, external3.swf) at different time.
    On the main.swf I have a play & pause buttons and I want to tell them that when on press, stop/pause the current movie that is inside the "container"

    How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    In AS2 you refer to the loaded clip via the instance name of the clip you have loaded the clip into. So in your case you should be able to issue commands to container and it will effect the loaded clip.
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    play button
    PHP Code:
    play_btn.onPress = function () {

    pause button
    PHP Code:
    pause_btn.onPress = function () {

    stop button (stops and takes you to the beginning of the movie)
    "begin" is the frame label from wich the animation starts
    PHP Code:
    stop_btn.onPress = function () {

    you can also control levels, if you don't want to load the movies into another movieclip. The code is similar, only insted of container write _level1 or _level45 or whatever level you want to control (the level you load a movie into must be the level number that stands after _level)
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