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    Graphics for game:

    Hello there, had a quick question on how to do LOTS of little graphics optimaly.

    My graphic is leaves, its a ground cover for a forest scene, and currently i have a .GIF of a small pile of leaves that i have imported to flash and put into a graphic, and i copy/paste it 100 times to cover the entire screen. Is this the most optimal way of doing it? Or is one large .GIF better?

    Thats, was curious =)


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    I think its fine as you do it,- just make sure you put it into a MovieClip instead just a graphic.
    With Flash8+ you can then additionally turn on bitmapCaching wich lets FLash handle the movieClip as 1 big PNG plane.
    The advantage is that you only need to update the tiny leave graphic and all the instances (graphics from the library on the stage are instances of the library item) get updated.

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