Currently I am working integrating a preloaded to a FLA file that streams a FLV with a FLVPlayback component.

What I would like to do is to have a preloaded that checks how many bytes are loaded into the main FLA file, then if let’s say. 3MGS are preloaded, go ahead and play frame (2)

Currently I am using this code

onClipEvent (enterFrame) { loaded = _parent._framesloaded; if (loaded > 0 && loaded == _parent._totalframes && loading != “Done” { _parent.gotoAndPlay(2); loading = “Done”; } }

percentDone = Math.floor((_parent.getBytesLoaded() / _parent.getBytesTotal()) * 100);
loadStatus = percentDone + "% LOADED";
//loadBar._xscale = percentDone;
Which works well with anything else, expect is the FLV file I am streaming. How do I go about this?