Hi all

I'm having a bit of a strange problem with my preloader today. I've made a preloader wich works as any other regular preloader (just a 100 frame loading animation, but with some extra's after those frames) and which is controlled by AS on the main timeline using two EventListeners attached to the loaderInfo.

(Link here, but you'd better read first )

The first one calculates the percentage and tells the preloader to gotoAndPlay that number.

The second one catches the complete event and tells the pop-up text (which I forgot to mention; it's just a MC which start playing when the frame is entered) to continue to play (bounce down again).

At the end of the pop-up text timeline, there's this code:

which tells the preloader to start playing again (remember the extra frames I mentioned above). At the end of that there's this code:

which obviously makes the main timeline running again.

PROBLEM: When I upload the swf, the loader works, but when I refresh the window, it shows the full preloader, but then refuses to do anything :s

If anyone needs more code or something, let me know, and thanks for reading my way too long explanation