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Thread: Nasty bug hangs connection loading SWF's

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    Nasty bug hangs connection loading SWF's

    This one is very easy to reproduce. If Flash tries to load an SWF into a MovieClip before the previous one finishes loading, it hangs the connection. It only affects specific systems, but MANY different configurations and Flash Player versions including across ActionScript versions.

    Seems to affect about 1 in 4 systems.

    Instructions: Hit Reload (F5) before all the images load. If your system is affected it will hang the browser. No more communication will be allowed to that domain until you open a new browser window. If you don't hit Reload in time, empty your cache and try again.

    This is not my code, but was posted by someone else (AS2):

    This is my re-written version in AS3:

    Both should have the same result.

    This is insane!

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    New Improved Bug Tester

    Okay this is the ultimate tester to see if you have the bug.

    Just click here and you'll get a pass / fail!


    Here is the source (also attached):

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    I see this is the topic you referred to in mine, and so I've gone and tried out the test you made and passed for the loading and the urlloading, so I don't think it's this bug you're talking about that is making my preloader fail.

    I sure do hope I find a way to solve it, because you can't really expect the user to right-click and choose play everytime he want to enter my website..

    Let's all pray for the solving of the strange flash bugs (like the topic about the button which only functioned half)!
    Florian Vanthuyne

    mark yours as Resolved under Thread Tools!

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    Yeah I think we have different bugs but it turns out my bug tester isn't so reliable. The people that have the bug don't Fail except for me. I need to make the test better...

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