Hi. I work for a large corporation, and I've created some assessments that talk to a Learning Management System. I have used the quiz template that comes with Flash.

The file consists of some learning interactions and other components that already existed in the template that I have no idea how they work. Flash passes along the user's score to the LMS perfectly well.

However, my question is -- how do I tell Flash what is considered a "Passing" score? I know this is done in Toolbook, Outliner, and Captivate by defining some property or parameter in the file itself (i.e. it has nothing to do with the LMS). I have looked at the "Quiz Options" parameters, but there is nothing there about a passing score.

I tried to attach the file but it's more than 300kb. If you have CS3 (and maybe before) you can view the quiz template.

Can someone please help? Thank you so much!!