I have a lot of similiar objects with same gradient fill. The objects represents parts of large object, which can be draggged by mouse. hey should be represented by separate sprite, because they should be able contain children and support drag&drop into them.
I have noticed significant difference in performance while dragging container with shapes, when started use gradient fill.

Are there any methods to improve performance:
As solutions i already took into account:
1. casheAsBitmap - have some disadvantages. All gradients will be drawed first time anyway, second - it doesn't work well with non-integer coordinates(i use scale to transform metric units into pixels), and third - during scale , I assume, all gradients will be painted by Flash again.
2. Is to have common bitmapData for all objects, and update it only on scale, change size. It is kind of not really easy to do thing and i am not sure if it will work well with non-integer values.

thanks, Aleksey