I have searched for hours for the solution on google and forums and I still can't figure out how to center a rotation on movieclip in AS3.

As you can see in my code, I'm trying to adjust on the fly the x and y properties so that the movieclip gives the impression to rotate from its center and not from its corner at 0,0
var myclip:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
myclip.buttonMode = true;
myclip.graphics.drawRect(150, 150, 100, 100);


function rotate(e:Event){
	myclip.rotation += 2;
	myclip.x = (stage.width/2) - (myclip.width/2);
	myclip.y = (stage.height/2) - (myclip.height/2);
but it doesn't work and the clip does not rotate well :/

Please help me if you have any readymade snippet to make a clip rotate from its center or have any idea of what I should modify in my code. I'm kind of lost