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Thread: Unloading loaded swfs from memory

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    Unloading loaded swfs from memory

    I've been reading about the problems associated with Flash Player 9 not unloading Loader swfs from memory, and how this has been possibly addressed by the addition of Loader.unloadAndStop in Flash player 10. (http://www.gskinner.com/blog/archive...onal_info.html)

    Assuming the worst (given that this fix just attempts to mark the object for garbage collection), I was wondering does anybody know if the same swf is loaded twice does it use the copy in memory or load it again?

    Specifically, I have a project which loads a sequence of swfs. When it gets to the end of the sequence it loads them again from the beginning. The project is a billboard which gets reset only once a week so I can't risk running out of memory.

    Anybody know how this works?

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    The garbage will eventually be emptied. As far as I know the movie is always newly loaded. A browser can cache.
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