Hi there,

Im planning to create a CD with three folders for three OSes respectively (win, mac, lin). The swf which is shared is in mac/assets/karma.swf.

This is the simple code...

loadMovie("../mac/assets/karma.swf", 1);

The sad thing is it works wonderfully on Windows, and on Mac but not on Linux - Im using Fedora 7.
I create the Linux EXE using the Flash Player 9 Standalone. When i add the main swf url in the standalone application, it loads the asset swf very fine, but once the EXE is made, it doesnt.

I feel the path is not the problem, since the swf loads the path fine, maybe there is a bug in the EXE part.

Can anyone help me out?
(There are lots of people out there waiting for an answer, coz I did a hell lot of R&D and Im here, I've seen this query unanswered in many places.)

Thanks in Advance,